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Fresh Produce Quality Specification - Sweet Potato

Sweet PotatoA brief guide to the quality standards expected for the supply of sweet potatoes.  We provide the basic food standards and the key fresh produce quality criteria for this product as part of a series of articles on fresh produce quality standards.

Please be aware that these specifications only reflect what we consider to be well established industry standards, commonly held knowledge and our own expertise in having conducted thousands of food quality inspections over the past 20 years.  If we have made any direct reference to another source it will be referenced clearly.

Sweet Potato Fact

Their high potassium content means sweet potatoes can alleviate muscle cramps which are often related to potassium deficiency.

Size Requirements for Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potato sizes can very and as such, do not have a minimum size requirement.

Common Quality Defects Found in Sweet Potatoes

We break quality defects typically into major and minor categories, with no tolerance recommended for the former, and a small tolerance recommended in the latter.  This would typically be in the region of 5% - 10% of a pack by either weight or count.

Sweet Potatoes: Major Quality Defects

  • Pest Damage, Infestation, Taints or Foreign Bodies
  • Mechanical damage
  • Sprouting

Sweet Potatoes: Minor Quality Defects

  • Scarring and wrinkled skin
  • Mould, Rots or Breakdown
  • Severe misshapen tubers

Images of Common Sweet Potato defects:


Storage Temperatures for Sweet Potatoes:

Storage temperatures for this product are usually between 10°- 12°C

It should be noted here, that in most mixed product distribution scenarios, sweet potatoes along with most other fresh produce is grouped into the chilled storage and distribution network which would be expected to run below 6C.

Common Countries of Origin for Sweet Potatoes

  • USA
  • South Africa
  • Israel
  • Holland

Please note these specifications are for informational use only, if you would like a detailed specification or comprehensive list of fresh produce specifications preparing, do not hesitate to contact us on 01208 895370.

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